Boroughbridge Town Council

Boroughbridge Town Council is responsible for an area including the villages of Aldborough and Minskip but not Kirby Hill, Roecliffe or Langthorpe who have their own Parish Councils.

The council normally meets in the Council Offices on the first Tuesday of each month and the parish records are held by the Town clerks in the council offices. There are eleven Town councillors plus three part time clerks and an office assistant who are the only paid employees of the council.

The full council meet at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Council Offices at 1, Hall Square in the centre of Boroughbridge. The Planning Committee meets prior to these meetings at 6.05pm. If necessary, a second planning meeting is held in the middle of the month.

Other committees and working groups meet throughout the year as necessary. Notice of all meetings is given on the Town Council Noticeboard, which is located outside the Council Office at 1 Hall Square, Boroughbridge, YO51 9AN.

Members of the public have a right to attend any meeting of the Council held in public or that part of the proceedings which are held in public. They have access to any public report or other public papers and to ask questions or make statements relating to the business of that body subject to:

A time slot of 15 minutes will be allowed at the beginning of the meeting and no member of the public will be entitled to speak for more than 3 minutes. Notice having been given of the question or statement to the Town Clerk at least 3 working days before the meeting. At the discretion of the Chairman questions may be asked without notice being given but the questioner may be required to accept an answer in writing after the meeting. The Town has a population of in excess of 3600 (census 2011) with 2,500 being on the current register of electors. It operates from offices in Hall Square in the centre of Boroughbridge.