The Butter Market Museum

The Butter Market located in Hall Square is an open-fronted building dating back to the 18th or early 19th century, built to give shelter to farmers' wives on market days whilst they were selling their dairy products, hence the name.

It stood unused for many years until a local benefactor kindly paid for very attractive railings to be erected across the open front, thus making the building secure.

This encouraged the Town Council to start a small museum of locally made or locally used artifacts, which have been either loaned or donated by members of the public. The exhibits range from an early 19th century bread oven to railway memorabilia and dairy equipment from local farms.

The exhibits can be viewed at any time during daylight hours, totally free of charge, and wall-mounted display boards explain the origin and purpose of each exhibit. Fresh exhibits are always welcome, so if you think you have anything of local interest, please contact The Clerk to the Town Council.
Butter Market Museum