Air Cadets


The Air Training Corps is a national voluntary youth organisation sponsored by the Royal Air Force.

Cadets can join any time from their 13th birthday to their 18th birthday and stay until they are 20. Activities undertaken include flying (both powered and in the organisation's own fleet of both conventional and self-launching gliders), sport, adventurous training, drill, academic training in military and aviation related subjects, fieldcraft, leadership and citizenship training and, of course, having fun. The highlight of the year is annual camp, where cadets spend a week on an active RAF station experiencing RAF life for themselves.

Whilst the Air Training Corps is not a recruiting organisation for the Royal Air Force, many cadets have an interest in a military career and a large proportion of the RAF's intake of pilots are ex-cadets. We do not, however, require that an individual have any particular intent to persue a career in the armed forces.
The corps has a very strong equal opportunities policy and all teenagers are eligible to join and fully participate, irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability or indeed anything else.

Air Cadets in Ripon

The closest Air Cadet unit to Boroughbridge is 886 (City of Ripon) Squadron, based at the cadet centre at the top of Clotherholme Road.

For more information visit or phone (01765) 609622 between 7pm and 9.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays when we meet.

Helping Out

If you are an adult over 20 years of age and you want to expand your horizons by volunteering to work with Air Cadets for anything from a couple of hours a month to 4 hours per week then visit the adult recruitment website to download a brochure.


Air Cadets Parade
Air Cadets