Grass Cutting and Maintenance Tender at Boroughbridge Town Council

Invitation to tender for the 3 Year Contract for Grass Cutting and Maintenance.


Grass Cutting and Maintenance contract

Tender information 2022-2024

Applications are invited by Boroughbridge Town Council to tender for the Grass Cutting and Maintenance Contract.

The contract is for a period of three seasons beginning from 20th November 2021, expires at end of season in 2024.

The contract relates to three sites:

                     I.            Boroughbridge Car Park Picnic Area, Back Lane, Boroughbridge. YO51 9AT

                   II.            Boroughbridge Cemetery, Wetherby Road, Boroughbridge. YO51 9HS

                 III.            Aldborough Cemetery, Chapel Hill, Aldborough, Boroughbridge. YO51 9HG

The Schedule of grass cutting demands: Grass cutting, strimming, path, and grounds general maintenance to be carried out at the Contractor’s discretion to maintain a high standard in accordance with the agreed specification.


1.       The grass to be cut using a rotary mowing machine with or without grass collection equipment. The Contractor is to cut the grass at each site on a regular basis of approx. fortnightly intervals from 1st March through to the end of October/beginning November. Should extra cuts be considered necessary during prolific growing conditions this to be costed by the Contractor and authorised by the Council prior to the extra work being carried out.

2.       Where obstructions occur including gravestones and kerbs the grass to be controlled up to the edge of the obstacle using a strimmer.

3.       Following every cut, all grave headstones, grave surrounds, benches, and pathways are to be fully cleared as required and left free of grass cuttings. This is a very important part of the maintenance specification and must be strictly adhered to.

4.       Pathways to be maintained free of weeds by use of weed killer and any other areas will be so treated where necessary to control weed growth.

5.       The Contractor will trim obstructive, overhanging small branches and any overgrown shrubs where necessary.

6.       The following hedges to be cut once a year in late Summer/early Autumn: -

 a.       Boroughbridge Cemetery - small hawthorn hedge approx. 10 m long by 2 m high halfway up the right-hand side as viewed from the road.

b.       Picnic Area - hawthorn hedge on right hand side alongside garden behind fire station.

c.       Aldborough Cemetery - the hedges are cut and maintained by the local farmer.

7.       The grass/weeds on the family/kerbed plots to be controlled using strimmer and a weed killer.

8.       The Contractor will remove all litter and debris on each visit leaving each site in a safe, neat and tidy condition.

9.       The rubbish (wheelie bins) at the cemeteries to be put out onto the public footpath for collection by the refuse collection service and returned to the cemeteries following collection. This to be carried out fortnightly throughout the year.

10.   The Contractor to report to the Town Clerk any occurrences which may require remedial action by the Council, e.g., mole and rabbit infestation, evidence of damage caused by vandalism or any other unusual/unforeseen occurrence.

11.   Any extra work to be carried out by The Contractor at the request of The Council to be costed by The Contractor, authorised by The Council, and invoiced accordingly on completion of each task.

12.   The Contractor will provide an authorised copy of Certificate of Insurance and maintain insurance cover as is necessary to indemnify himself, his workforce and the Council against all claims arising from his work. A minimum of £5,000,000 cover is required.

13.   The Contractor will provide and maintain certification of suitable equipment, application

and use of herbicides and training of all operatives in their use.


Invoices should be submitted by the Contractor at the end of each month. Subject to the standard work being satisfactory to the Council, invoices will be settled during the month following submission. Payment of invoices is agreed at the Meeting of the Council on the first Tuesday of each month


Termination of Contract

The agreement can be terminated, at any time, subject to 3 weeks’ notice, in writing, being given by either side


Applications must include quotations for the works described above, for the 3 seasons of 2022, 2023 and 2024;






Picnic Area – Car Park                           





Boroughbridge Cemetery                    





Aldborough Cemetery                          





TOTAL (for each season)                     






The Closing date for applications is 9th November 2021.

Applications for the Tender must be returned, in writing to: John Nichols, The Town Clerk, Boroughbridge Town Council, 1 Hall Square, Boroughbridge. YO51 9AN.

or by e-mail to:      

If you have any further enquiries, please telephone the Boroughbridge Town Council Office: 01423 322956 (Monday to Friday 8.30am-1pm only).