Boroughbridge Emergency Response Team (BERT)

The Team can be called to any emergency. For our community this usually means the risk of flooding but could cover major road traffic accidents, a major utility failure or explosion etc. The Team has also undergone training on how to deal with emergencies in an efficient manner. The Team were very active during the recent flooding in and around Boroughbridge.

The Team is a team of volunteers led by Pauline Phillips (telephone number below) that liaises closely with the emergency planners at Harrogate Borough Council and the Environment Agency.

It is a standalone group totally independent of the Parish councils, although it receives great support from Langthorpe and Milby Parish Councils and Boroughbridge Town Council who provide some funding.

If called in to action, the Team becomes a local co-ordination point for the Emergency Services and the Team assists residents to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Over the years the Team has worked well but we need some younger volunteers to join us. If you think you could offer some help in the event of an emergency could you please give Pauline a call or send her an e-mail for further information. Pauline can be contacted on 01423 324657 or


The current Coronavirus Issue (Covid-19) is a "social care" issue and community help and support does not fall within the normal remit of The Emergency Response Team.

For help related to the Coronavirus issue then enquiries please contact Boroughbridge Community Care on 01423 324504.

Having said this, we are all entering unchartered territory and the Emergency Response Team stand ready to mobilise and offer help depending on how the situation progresses.